Body transformation services involve individually tailored training and nutrition programs, based on your goals. Training programs can involve weight training in the gym, or training from home. The initial package involves a training program (which can be in a gym or at home), and a meal plan. Ongoing coaching involves weekly check-ins ensuring accountability, and changes are made where appropriate based on your progress, understanding, and adherence. How you feel is taken into consideration too, as I strive to make the process as enjoyable as possible!

  • Meal Plans, or macro splits
  • Weight training programs updated every 8-12 weeks
  • Video tutorials for each exercise prescribed
  • Flexible dieting education included in the second or third month of coaching
  • Optional monthly 15-minute Skype or face-to–face chat
  • Cardio & supplementation recommendations where needed
  • Online weekly check-ins & 24/7 email support
  • Facebook group support
  • In person (Includes one personal training session per week): $269/fn or $519/month (CURRENTLY FULL, ask to join waitlist)
  • Online: $159/fn or $299/month (save $20 if you pay monthly)
  • Competition preparation: $169/fortnight, or $339/month (applies to last 16 weeks of prep, before this time payment is as per standard online coaching)
  • All packages have a $429 start-up fee, to cover the initial consultation, health history and food diary review, meal plan, training program and training technique support where needed. Following this, you have the option of continuing online or in person;

*A $ 20 discount applies when you pay monthly over fortnightly

*A 10% discount applies when paying for a 12+ week package in advance (email for a quote)


Health coaching involves thorough inquiry into presenting symptoms, followed by application of natural therapies such as nutrition, naturopathy, and exercise prescription, to restore your body’s health and vitality. Conditions/symptoms that can benefit from health coaching include gut health, mental health, thyroid issues, fatigue, poor sleep, skin conditions, and general women’s health and hormones.

Note that health coaching is a joint-effort, and you will need to be open to making some changes where required in nutrition and/or lifestyle. Functional testing, supplementation, herbs, flower essences, or additional methods such as energy work or subconscious reprogramming can be applied where needed to facilitate greater healing.

  • Extensive review of health history and current symptoms, prior to appointment
  • 60minute initial consultation in person or via Skype
  • Initial treatment plan including nutritional, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations
  • Prescribed herbs, supplements, and/or flower essences (at extra cost, and only where desired)
  • Functional lab testing may be recommended (at extra cost, completely optional)
  • $349 for the initial (above) package
  • $120 for ongoing appointments or follow-ups
  • Option for ongoing weight loss coaching for $119/fn if desired
  • Add $149 for a detailed meal plan


Meal plans can be created for various goals; physical goals such as weight loss, body composition or sports performance, or health goals such as PMS management, hormone balance, iron deficiency, skin health, etc. Health goals involve a slightly deeper look into your health history.

  • Extensive review of health history
  • Review or past and current eating patterns
  • Meal plan or macro split, tailored to your specific goal
  • Micronutrient focus, to increase nutritional uptake
  • 30-minute consultation, via Skype or in person
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 14-day follow-up check-in, and any required adjustments
  • Naturopathic (condition-specific) – $279
  • Weight loss & general wellbeing – $219
  • Ongoing coaching $119/fn or $200/month (includes weekly check-ins and updates)


Personal training sessions are conducted in a fully equipped health and fitness centre. My personal training style is a mixture between powerlifting and bodybuilding training, aimed towards perfecting technique, and building solid foundations in the legs, abs and back. Correcting common weaknesses in the female body leads to improvement in health, body composition, and performance in any sporting goal.


Personal Training Sessions:

  • 60-minute personal training session
  • All goals welcome, including strength development, physique development, sports-specific training, glute development, or technique support.

Training Programs:

  • 12-week training program tailored to your goals, with 2 reviews (weeks 4 & 8)
  • Technique tutorials for each prescribed exercise
  • Goals include; Strength, physique development, introduction to training, sports-specific training, rehab, posture correction, and glute-building programs. All levels are welcome
  • Cardio recommendations are included where needed

Personal Training Sessions:

  • $120 for individual sessions.
  • 3 pack = $339 (5% discount), 5 pack = $599 (10% discount), 10 pack = $1,019 (15% discount)

Training Programs: 

  • $319 with one personal training technique session included to review technique
  • $239 with exercise technique provided via video links


Flexible dieting (also known as ‘tracking macros’) is the easiest way to learn what’s in your food, and tailor the way you eat to meet a sporting or body composition goal. It can be used for weight gain, weight loss, body-composition or sports performance. Flexible dieting allows you to eat the things you want, whilst staying on track with your health and wellbeing, whilst also being a great lead-in to intuitive eating.

  • Review of current and historical eating patterns
  • Your own set of specified macronutrient, and caloric recommendations tailored towards your specific goal.
  • 60-minute consultation, via Skype or in person, where I will teach you how to track macros
  • The flexible dieting guidebook
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 14-day online check in, to reassess macro targets and ensure they’re a great fit for you
  • $279 for macros, lesson, two weeks of support, and one follow-up check-in/adjustment
  • $199 for macros and lesson, plus one week of support.







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