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My coaching is about balance, nourishment, and freeing yourself from confusion around food and training, so you can finally get the results you deserve. 



The health of your body is paramount to longevity, vitality and success. Simple meal plans or macro-tracking methods can be applied to goals ranging from weight loss to sports performance, or with hormone balancing and metabolism repair in mind



Master your mind, and you can master your life. Research shows that a healthy mindset is key to lasting results, which can be acquired through education and awareness of ones own limiting patterns and behaviours. By reflecting on our own patterns, we are able to transform and often overcome these limitations



Physical strength leads to mental strength. My methods combine powerlifting and bodybuilding principles, which aim to optimise posture, improve body composition and muscular weakness to build a strong, feminine physique



Naturopathic medicine is an evidence-based holistic modality centred around is about enhancing the bodies natural healing capacity and restoring balance, through the use of herbs, nutrition, and energetic techniques. The primary focus in my business is in restoring mental health, hormones, and gut health.



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A Little Bit About Me…

I am a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach from Canberra, Australia

I have 15 years industry experience in strength training, nutrition and lifestyle change. Over the years I have competed in various bodybuilding divisions including Figure, Bikini and Fitness Model as well as strength-based sports; Strongman and Powerlifting. I places 2nd in Strongman and I broke the GPA world record for the deadlift in 2013, when I pulled 170kgs and placed first in the National Push/Pull Competition

Although my time as a competitive athlete has passed, my passion now lies in empowering women through my health and fitness coaching. Through my own experience, and knowledge acquired from working with hundreds of women from all walks of life, I have formed the belief that good nutrition, strength training and a healthy mindset are key elements to achieving personal empowerment and to living a healthy, happy life.

I believe that to genuinely acquire a holistic viewpoint in health and in business, you need to learn from multiple sources. I combine wisdom from allopathic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic and spiritual perspectives in my methods and aim to assist my clients in reaching their goals by incorporating all areas of a healthy mind and body. I have coached numerous women to peak physical condition by using these methods.

On a personal level, I have not had a very smooth run when it comes to health and fitness. I was always active but spent much of my early years battling low self-esteem, body image issues and depression. This escalated out of control to further health problems down the line including allergies, chronic fatigue, insomnia and burnout. Sure there were times in my professional life where I wondered ‘why me?’, but I can say with all certainly that without those experiences, I wouldn’t have been able to offer such a holistic service, which is something I am truly proud of and devoted to. It isn’t until you lose your health that you truly learn how valuable it is

So thats me in short, feel free to see the ‘about’ section of my website for more information




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“I have learned that the more food I eat the better, the higher the carbs the better, and the less cardio I do the more positive changes I will see in my body. The opposite to what I believed before!”

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“Jen also taught me correct lifting technique, and we focused on squats and deadlifts. After training with her I realized that I had been doing wrong for years.”

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“Jen has literally changed my life!! She has helped me to transform from the inside out, by working on my mindset and tackling my self-sabotaging habits. My biggest accomplishment isn’t any competition or trophy but instead, it’s that I have literally changed as a person.”