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Wildly strong improves the health confidence of women through mindset, movement and nourishment.


Hi, I’m Jen.

If you’re looking to explore your health and body confidence, you have come to the right place!

I take a three-step approach with women, ensuring we;

  • Deprogram, or unlearn incorrect information

  • Educate, ensuring the correct information is understood, and

  • Practice, so you have practical skills to propel you forward.

The health and wellness space is highly unregulated, so it’s important to learn what is true when you are pursing any health and fitness goal.

It is all too common for women and girls to feel uncomfortable in our bodies. Traumatic events, neglect, stress, mental health challenges all cause us to feel uneasy within ourselves, so we look outside of ourselves for a solution.

In fact, over 50% of women hold back from activities they love, because they are warned about how they look.


You’ve probably asked yourself;


  • Why can’t you just get this right!? 
  • What do ‘they’ have that you don’t have?
Probably better genetics, for one, but perhaps also, their bodies don’t need as much love and care as yours, and, maybe you are starting from a place that needs more foundational work.

This is what I most often see in my coaching.
If this sounds like you, then I am sorry to say that the traditional fitness industry is likely unable to serve you.

This is the space Wildly Strong was born to fill.

Wildly Strong is not like any other ‘health and fitness’ business on the market – it supports all women, and mostly those who have tried and failed to get results in traditional fitness programs.

What you don’t see.

Often I receive emails from women who start off by saying 
I am no bodybuilder, but I am hoping you will work with me?” 
Wildly Strong is not a bodybuilding program. I train bodybuilders, yes, but what I specialise in, is lasting results for women who aren’t getting results in typical transformation programs. Or, they’re hesitant to even begin.
It is not uncommon for me to support women with all kinds of health challenges, both mental and physical, as well as disordered eating, and trauma. All of these situations impact your body’s response to change, and rarely addressed, and often overlooked completely.
If you’re wanting to feel better within yourself, and you’re ready to go all in and learn what works for you, then you are someone I would love to work with.


The fitness industry promotes a change in appearance as a ‘solution’. The problem is that it only changes how you look in your body – not how you feel about it.

  • Sometimes life causes us to feel unsafe in our bodies. We then seek solace in changing our appearance, landing in diet culture, and the fitness industry.
  • Once in the body transformation process, we are often pushed too hard too soon, over dieted, and the root of our discomfort is not explored. We are pushed as if we are men, and it is assumed we have strong foundations to build on. Dieting history is also rarely explored. 
  • Additionally, stress impedes our potential to achieve short and long-term results, in health and aesthetic. 
  • If you look even deeper, childhood stress and trauma narrows your capacity, impeding your ability to recognise that you’re stressed.


What if I told you there is a way to engage with food, training and lifestyle that will change how you feel from the inside out? What if I told you that by building capacity, and safety in your body, you will feel stronger than ever before?



This is where we focus on teaching the body to self-regulate, which essentially means to return the body to its natural state of safety, where it can rest, heal, and rejuvenate.


We work on expanding your ‘window of tolerance’ through stress reduction, somatic exercises and mindset activities.


Here we focus on improving food choices, and healthy diet adherence by building up the strength of your metabolism. It’s about nourishment, not restriction.


Education around what is most important in nutrition, including creating healthy food plans, meal prep, flexible dieting, and myth busting.


This is where we focus on building strength in the body, through weight training and postural correction.


Comprehensive education on female training, including practical structure correction techniques, and comprehensive training technique videos.


by Increasing safety and capacity, by widening the Window of Tolerance

At Wildly Strong we are building women up, not breaking them down.


There are two ways you can learn from me at Wildly Strong;


Custom coaching is available to anyone who is ready to take their health and wellbeing transformation to the next level – goals include lifestyle coaching, health improvement, body confidence and more. I teach using a combination of 1:1 sessions, video lessons and demonstrations, and your experience is customisable, depending on your starting point and goals.

secondly, you can explore the

Wildly Strong Women’s Health Academy

An online educational platform complete with everything I have thought my clients over the years in building unshakeable health, strength and confidence.

You can purchase each course individually for an al-a-carte journey.

Body Love




Nourish & Flourish


Female Training


Mindset Mastery


Or, you can go all-in and buy an ALL-ACCESS PASS to all 5 foundational courses!


I understand my clients deeply, as we most often share similar experiences. I support them in navigating what I have navigated, and overcome, in myself. There is no better way to grow than with the support of someone who understands you. I have done it all;
  • I have been in the fitness industry since 2003 – there is nothing I don’t know about its diets, programs, methods, and fads
  • I started dieting at age 13, and through my coaching business, I have seen first hand how this chronic diet culture mentality destroys Women’s quality of life
  • I never got results from traditional programs, because I don’t have a ‘typical’ structure – my body is very feminine and I needed to work around that. I was the first trainer to really highlight that and my female-friendly approach accelerated my clients results overnight. 
  • I know what it is like to loathe your body – and I mean, deep down to the core. So, I get you there. 
This Women’s health model is truly unique as it has been informed by my journey through mental and physical health issues, and trauma. My teachings evolved as I healed, and I saw how powerful they are as I supported my clients towards their own health transformations. 


My formal training includes personal training, nutrition, naturopathy, reiki, certificates in sports medicine, thyroid and adrenal conditions, mental health, and somatic trauma therapy training. I use a combination of my trainings with each client as needed.

You are more than just a body. You are a force of nature

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Transformation is yours for the taking. 

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