Making the Most out of Lockdown

Making the Most out of Lockdown

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So, it’s lockdown (again), but how lucky we are here in Canberra to have spent hardly any time in lockdown this year?

Plus, it’s only 7 days….. {crosses fingers}.

As much as I don’t like not being able to run my business freely, and my personal goals that I have been working towards for over 2 years are on the brink of not happening, I am quite the optimist and I like to flip things into a positive, every time they’re not looking so good.

Last year I read ‘Mans’ Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl. He was a survivor in much, much worse times than we are currently in, but his message was clear – no matter what is happening around you, one thing you never lose power over is your reaction to it. You choose your reaction, and you never lose that power.

Anyways so I thought I’d share with you some ways I plan to make the most out of lockdown, starting with my favourite, absolute top number one tip;


  1. Turn off the TV

If you want to feel anywhere close to good, turn off your TV. Yes, there is a virus out there and these are challenging times, but watching a rolling case count, and testing stats aren’t going to add any value to your life right now.

Media is pretty much constant negative information and, in many cases, it’s misinformation. They don’t need to account a mistake or correction anymore; they can simply log in to their old news story and edit the details.

Social media is the same, filled with one-sided information layered with thousands of highly unqualified individuals (everyday citizens who have taken it upon themselves to tell others how to live). In hard and stressful times, people need their friends and family, not division and segregation.

Assuming people are following the rules, then no one is ‘better’ than anyone else based on how they choose to respond to the situation.

Stay informed, of course, but switch it off. We know the rules and we will get updates when the announcements come without sitting in front of the TV


  1. Go within

Lockdown is a kind of hybrid time – things are a little slower and the world a little quieter (especially for those of us who are not able to work to usual capacity). It’s a great time to ask yourself, what do I want to do? How do I want to feel? It’s a good time to try meditation or find some kind of relaxation technique.

Modern objectives would love to steer you into a life of fight or flight right now. You can’t divide or control people without instilling fear. Be a rebel and take your power back. Challenge yourself to see the good in every situation and see if you can find some calm.

For those of you who are thinking ‘meh’, I cannot do that! Here are some super practical things you could dig your hands into;


  1. Try new recipes!

Cooking is something I like, but rarely have the space for. I spent Thursday evening (last night) going over a bunch of recipes I would like to try, or cook and photograph for socials, which is another thing I rarely have time to do. So, check out some fun recipes and get cooking


  1. Enjoy a different style of training

It’s common to panic about the disruption to your training routine, many of my clients sure do. Won’t the lockdown set you backward? In a word, NO.

This is an opportunity to either take active rest (walking outside in the sunshine with a rest from weight training, which is great for your nervous system if you’re an avid gym person), or, explore other exercises.

You would be surprised how a change in training stimulus or method, even if it feels ‘easier’ than what you’re used to, will challenge your body and in many cases will even match or surpass your current training challenge.


  1. Go out into the sunshine!

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful! Lockdown means you can go for a walk at lunch time and soak up some Vitamin D, which, although I’m not sure I am ‘allowed’ to say this, is a crucial piece of your immune system.


  1. Clean a part of the house

Got a horrible part of the house that has been tormenting you for months on end? Got a pantry you can’t fit anything else in? Pull it all out and tidy it up. Make room for new things when lockdown has ended. Downward times are always the best time for re-jigging things, and bringing about new beginnings, no matter how simple.


  1. Get out into the garden

Getting out in the garden is therapeutic, not only because you’re in nature, so-to-speak, (unless you have fake grass), but also because you’re in the sunshine! Sunshine is so great at this time of year as it isn’t too hot. It’s perfect really.


  1. Research your fave topic or complete and online course

Dive deep online into a topic you would love to learn more about. Finish off that online course you started but can’t seem to make time for. Search online and purchase a short course.

I myself will be spending time completing meditation teacher training, which I have been doing after my evening clients when I am super tired these past few weeks. Now I can do a lesson or two in the morning. So, find something cool to explore and expand your mind a little.


  1. Tick some things off your to-do list

Do you have a bunch of tasks you can never seem to be centered enough to work through? (I speak of myself here). List those things out and get through them, so when lockdown has ended you will feel a thousand times lighter!


  1. Make a vision board

What do you want to achieve for the rest of 2021? I know some people are speaking of how you shouldn’t have goals, you should just be ‘surviving’ in these times, but I don’t buy that. There is always something you can be doing to lighten up your mood and situation.

We are very privileged here in Australia and we all have iPhones, start jotting down some goals you have, dreams you’re ignoring, things you want to do when this whole nightmare is over.

Collect quotes, imagery of your favourite idols, pictures of things that bring you joy and stick them up somewhere. Have a bit of fun with it! That way, when you are feeling overwhelmed and catch a glimpse of it, you can access that feeling of inspiration that is bubbling away under all this mayhem.


  1. Enjoy that rare time you have with your family

I know, I know, I don’t have kids and no idea how exhausting they can be. But from an outsider looking in, how much time do you have to spend time with your partner, kids, significant others? Usually you’re commuting, rushing, and unable to spend quality time. Now there is more time to do just that 😉


Keeping ‘extra’ essential items in your home isn’t a bad idea, either…

Last lockdown I was caught off guard and waited weeks for toilet paper and tissues, I ran out of rice, meat, veg and other items I rely on, so since then I have kept just that little bit extra at home. This way, a snap lockdown doesn’t instill panic as you have what you need already on hand.


So those are my top tips for now. I hope they help to bring some positive vibes and even a little stress relief for you.

What do you plan to do for this lockdown?

Do you face challenging times in the same way?

Jen x







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