Emotional Attachment

Emotional Attachment

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Inner peace begins the moment you decide not to let another person or event control your emotions. 

To be emotionally involved in something means that you care. It means that you FEEL. When you’re a sensitive human it means that you feel everything, including the things you don’t want to feel – like injustice, deception, etc, even when they have nothing to do with you directly.

I used to get emotionally involved in basically everything. Especially work, because I love it and I feel it as if it’s an extension of who I am. Because I was so attached to it I would find it hard to deal with issues relating to my business, including clients who move away, drama between team members, or women not getting the results they were after, even though this wasn’t through any fault at my end.

I would find my emotional reactions to these challenges effecting my confidence in myself and my abilities, and I learned that this was directly linked to my self esteem. After talking to many other business owners (females) I learned that we all shared the same difficulties.

So, in order to overcome this, I learned all about non-attachment – which is staying emotionally separate from outcomes, people, situations, places, and this applies to all areas of life. When you’re not attached emotionally, you are freed from those painful feelings that can be tied to them. Although surprisingly, you still get to experience all the good stuff!

Start by asking yourself important questions when you feel upset about something that is happening in your life – why is this effecting me? What does this mean to me? Is this happening BECAUSE of me? Quite often you’ll find it is not about you, and more about the other person’s internal struggles

So if you’re a ‘feeling’-based person, then learning to do this will give you better control over your emotions and I guarantee you will be happier. And you can remain happy even when unpleasant things happen. Which is awesome






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