Strength Training isn’t Just About Getting A Bikini Body

Strength Training isn’t Just About Getting A Bikini Body

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Strength training isn’t just about getting a bikini body. When I began lifting weights I was focused only on physical goals but it wasn’t long after I started that I realised how diverse the benefits really were!

Curves, improved body composition and muscle tone are all amazing benefits but there are so many others, like how your confidence improves with muscle and nervous system adaptations regardless of body composition changes, or the benefits to your health in mobility, posture, circulation, bone density, immunity and mentality.

Becoming a stronger woman physically helps you become a more powerful woman internally and over time it teaches you that you can do anything you set your mind to.

You don’t have to be an athlete to begin weight training, you just need to be committed to the idea of becoming a stronger, healthier and more powerful version of you

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Time to Throw Away the Scales – Hayley’s Transformation

Time to Throw Away the Scales – Hayley’s Transformation

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A good reason to throw away your scales right here

I met Hayley way back in 2013 and how here she is three years later looking like a totally different woman! Patience, dedication and hard work coupled with good nutrition, strength training and a long-term focus is key to bringing about awesome results

On the left Hayley was training twice a day and eating low calories, most of the training was cardio and group-fitness based. We flipped that upside-down by increasing her weights sessions, cutting back the cardio, and increasing her food over time. She hasn’t done anything extreme to get to where she is now, and the only time she does more than one session per day is at the tail end of her competition prep

For anyone interested in fat loss, if your aim is body transformation and you are also lifting weights, make sure you use something other than just scale weight to track your progress because as you can see, she is the SAME WEIGHT in both of these photos, but she looks totally different

Hayley has competed in three comp seasons over this time and won two overall titles in ANB and INBA. Last comp for this season is in Bali this weekend! Can’t wait to see how she goes







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