“Physically I weigh less, but I have so much more muscle and I LOVE the way my body looks and how it feels. I am definitely more in tune with my body’s needs…”


My love affair with health and fitness started at a pretty bad time in my life, as I was struggling with a recent break up and felt a little lost. Deep down I knew I needed to feel better, and BE better, so I started playing sport and joined a gym. The moment I walked in to the gym I fell in love with weights. I loved the way they made me feel and the strength I was developing. It was at that point I wanted more than the gym and sport could give me. I loved what was happening and the way my body was beginning to feel, but I felt like I could be better than I was. I got myself a personal trainer, who spoke to me about the importance of eating the right foods, especially for a women.

At this point, I was introduced to Jen. When I first met Jen, I sat roughly around 76kg and thought I had built some decent muscle. When I look back to who I was in the beginning, there have been drastic changes not only physically, but mentally as well. Physically I weigh less, but I have so much more muscle and I LOVE the way my body looks and how it feels. I am definitely more in tune with my body’s needs (and continue to understand this more and more every day).

Mentally I’m a completely different person. My priorities have flipped, I have a much higher standard across every aspect of my life, in the way I treat others, the way people treat me, and and with food. Since meeting Jen I set myself goals, and achieve them. And the standard at which my goals are set continues to increase with what I’m learning and the way my body continues to develop.

Jen has taught me too much for me to put down in to words. The main thing has been around nutrition and the importance of making sure that I’m fuelling my body right to get the absolute best outcome for me HOLISTICALLY. I understand how fuelling my body with nutrients can affect my entire body positively, not just for weight loss. Nutrients are energy and affect my moods, alertness and general wellbeing. The time she took to educate me is something I won’t be able to say thank you enough for. I understand the importance of focusing on long-term success and not letting anything get in my way.

My favourite part of the whole journey so far has been my success in my new and ever changing body. I have physical memento’s of my competition success, but the mental memento’s are what I’m most proud of. I went from being a footy playing, partying, unhealthy 20-somehting to a natural body builder who competes not only nationally (and places top3) but also competes internationally, within a few short years.

I am more driven and motivated to have a successful future than I have ever been before. I have loved seeing my body change and I’m so driven to continue to change it to be the best I possibly can be, and I know-without any doubt that I can and will achieve that with Jen.






Transformation is yours for the taking. 

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