Health and fitness isn’t only about physical transformation, its about transforming your lifestyle, mindset, and self-belief. Its about being the best you can be! Below are stories of transformation from a few of the ladies I have worked with over the years

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Lisa Stacey


“My biggest accomplishment isn’t any competition or trophy but instead it’s that I have literally changed as a person, and I love who I have become.”

Health & fitness is something I have become so passionate about over the past 4-5 years. Jen initially sparked my passion, and contacting her was the best decision I’ve ever made. I used to exercise all the time to try & achieve ‘the body I’ve always wanted’, but ended up falling into some bad eating habits and a bad mindset around nutrition and exercise. I began a vicious cycle of over-exercising, under-eating and binge eating.

Jen has literally changed my life!! She has helped me to transform from the inside out, by working on my mindset, and tackling my self-sabotaging habits and emotions. I didn’t even have an understanding of how important ‘mindset’ was when it comes to getting results. I feel Jen has gone out of her way to educate me

The best part of my journey is seeing myself change from the inside out. I am now becoming addicted to the results! I thrive on a challenge and competition prep is certainly that! My biggest accomplishment isn’t any competition or trophy but instead it’s that I have literally changed as a person, and I love who I have become. I love that I’m forever trying to develop & grow my mind & body & found a passion to help others achieve the same.

Since starting my journey my health has improved out of sight! I have gone from being grumpy, tired, exhausted and depressed to feeling healthy, fit, strong, and truly confident in myself! I feel I absolutely owe my health, happiness and success as a personal trainer to Jen. She has done more than coach me to a comp and I will be forever grateful

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Jess McManus

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]“I learned that true health and fitness is about way more than what you look like. It’s about how it makes you feel”

I initially got into health and fitness for the same reason most teenage girls do, to look good. After starting my journey focused purely on the physical, I learned that true health and fitness is about way more than what you look like. It’s about how it makes you feel. I am so glad I learned this lesson the right way!

The difference between who I was when I started and who I am now are worlds apart. Initially I spent so much time looking in the mirror, picking things on my body apart, wanting to change them, make one thing bigger and another thing smaller. Although it wasn’t an instant change, I eventually stopped looking in the mirror so much and started looking at what my body could do, and focused on how it could perform instead.

Day by day I would surprise myself at how much I could accomplish, and with that grew a confidence in myself I never knew I had. Now when I do look at myself in the mirror, I love every part of me! And learning to be confident in myself is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I think the biggest and most important thing I have learnt from Jen is that self-love isn’t something that just happens – you have to work for it. Even if you just tell yourself that you can do it at first, eventually you start to believe it. I have also learned from Jen that having a good relationship with food is so rewarding. Food is a much better medicine than anything you can get over the counter.

My biggest accomplishment over this journey has honestly been how much belief I have in myself now. I am focusing on strength training now – powerlifting – and I am off to nationals in powerlifting in a couple of months! I could never have done if I didn’t have this confidence in myself. Big thank you to Jen, if I never had met you, none of this would have happened[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Natalie Lawton


“I gained so much confidence in myself and that was such an amazing feeling”

I first got into health and fitness as a teenager when I wanted to gain strength and muscle. I was competing in BMX racing at the time against other girls who were much bigger and stronger than me. After I stopped racing BMX I put on a lot of weight and was sick all the time. I was restricting myself 1200 calories but would then would binge eat because I was upset that I couldn’t lose weight. I would then feel so guilty about binging I would go back to restricting myself. It was a vicious cycle and I didn’t know why I could lose weight, but this went on for about 2 years. I hated they way I looked and felt.

That’s when I decided that I needed to do something about it so I set myself a goal of competing in bodybuilding. It was something I had aspired to do but honestly never thought id actually be capable of doing it. I got in contact with Jen and she set me up with a meal and training plan. I also did one PT session with her each week.

After starting the process, my calories almost doubled and I actually struggled to finish all my meals. Jen taught me that I needed to eat quite a lot to actually lose weight. Within the first 8 weeks I lost 8kg, and I never really even felt hungry. Jen also taught me correct lifting technique, and we focused on squats and deadlifts. After training with her I realized that I had been doing wrong for years. The techniques Jen taught me I use now with my own PT clients.

My biggest accomplishment has been competing in 2 seasons in bikini and placing top 3. In the process I lost a total of 17kgs! When I first started out I didn’t think I’d actually make it to the stage at all, I just gave it a shot to see what would happen. The result was better than I could have imagined

When I was prepping for my first season I went through a really horrible break up, and sticking to my meal plan and training was the only thing that kept me sane during that tough period. I gained so much confidence in myself and that was such an amazing feeling. I also made huge gains in strength. All of my main lifts doubled in weight from where I started, and I didn’t lose any strength in the process leading up to my competition.

What Jen has taught me not only about health and fitness but what I am capable of is priceless and I can’t thank her enough

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Susie Given

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]‘I am more driven and motivated to have a successful future than I have ever been before’.

My love affair with health and fitness started at a pretty bad time in my life, as I was struggling with a recent break up and felt a little lost. Deep down I knew I needed to feel better, and BE better, so I started playing sport and joined a gym. The moment I walked in to the gym I fell in love with weights. I loved the way they made me feel and the strength I was developing. It was at that point I wanted more than the gym and sport could give me. I loved what was happening and the way my body was beginning to feel, but I felt like I could be better than I was. I got myself a personal trainer, who spoke to me about the importance of eating the right foods, especially for a women.

At this point, I was introduced to Jen. When I first met Jen, I sat roughly around 76kg and thought I had built some decent muscle. When I look back to who I was in the beginning, there have been drastic changes not only physically, but mentally as well. Physically I weigh less, but I have so much more muscle and I LOVE the way my body looks and how it feels. I am definitely more in tune with my body’s needs (and continue to understand this more and more every day).

Mentally I’m a completely different person. My priorities have flipped, I have a much higher standard across every aspect of my life, in the way I treat others, the way people treat me, and and with food. Since meeting Jen I set myself goals, and achieve them. And the standard at which my goals are set continues to increase with what I’m learning and the way my body continues to develop.

Jen has taught me too much for me to put down in to words. The main thing has been around nutrition and the importance of making sure that I’m fuelling my body right to get the absolute best outcome for me HOLISTICALLY. I understand how fuelling my body with nutrients can affect my entire body positively, not just for weight loss. Nutrients are energy and affect my moods, alertness and general wellbeing. The time she took to educate me is something I won’t be able to say thank you enough for. I understand the importance of focusing on long-term success and not letting anything get in my way.

My favourite part of the whole journey so far has been my success in my new and ever changing body. I have physical memento’s of my competition success, but the mental memento’s are what I’m most proud of. I went from being a footy playing, partying, unhealthy 20-somehting to a natural body builder who competes not only nationally (and places top3) but also competes internationally, within a few short years.

I am more driven and motivated to have a successful future than I have ever been before. I have loved seeing my body change and I’m so driven to continue to change it to be the best I possibly can be, and I know-without any doubt that I can and will achieve that with Jen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Emma Ley


“The more food the better, the higher the carbs the better, and the less cardio I do the more positive changes I will see in my body”

I always played sports as a child and still as an adult but I started going to the gym at 14 and fell in love with it! When I started my fitness journey I truly believed that results would come from restricting my calories to 1200 calories or less, with no carbs and a bunch of cardio. I believed that the more cardio I did, the better.

What I have learnt more from Jen in the last 2 years is more than any course could cover. I now look at things completely differently – the more food the better, the higher the carbs the better, and the less cardio I do the more positive changes I will see in my body. You have to feed your body to feed your training.

I have learned the importance food, training, taking care of your body, and how it all comes together. I have learned that this is crucial to give you that balance of a healthy, happy life we all desire, while achieving the body we aspire to have without feeling like your on a ‘diet’ and spending hours on a treadmill.

I love everything about my journey so far! Luckily for me there has been more up’s than downs. On the downs I was always given an explanation of why, and reassured that it was ok.

My biggest achievement was placing 2nd in an international Body Building comp. For me getting strong has always been a goal though and now I can lift over my body weight (if not double) in my bench press, squat and deadlift. And I actually LOOK like I train now. Being a trainer myself, Jen is the most holistically educated trainer out there with such a genuine caring nature.

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Maddie Connell

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]“I managed to wean off my medication, managing my epilepsy through a healthy lifestyle” 

I met Jen in 2014, through a friend who was raving about how great she was. She was always talking about how much progress she had made since working with her. I met up with Jen and spoke to her about my dream to compete and improve my body, and mental health.

The biggest problem I had to begin with was that I was a severe Epileptic, suffering from weekly fits, swollen joints, bruising and weight gain due to my high dose of medication. I expressed to Jen my dream to be able to manage my illness holistically, and naturally with no medication, as I was totally against being placed on something that made me so violently ill.

Jen and I began training together once a week, and creating diet plans that would best improve my health and my physique so I could make this dream of competing come to life. Through her commitment to me, and mine to myself I was able to drop 10 kilos within the first 4-5 months. At the same time I managed to wean off my medication, managing my epilepsy through a healthy life-style and Jen’s support.

In 2015-2016 I pepped for, and competed in my first Bikini competition where I was able to place 3rd in one of my divisions. I fell in love with the sport and life style. I feel that I owe my health, my wellbeing and my mental strength to this process and I cannot recommend Jen’s coaching, guidance and holistic point of view enough to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.

Thanks to this journey I have been fit-free now for three years, I am off all medication, feeling fantastic, and looking forward to prepping for next competition in 2018

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Lina Ostyn


“I have learned about patience, and working towards my goals steadily, rather than expecting something unrealistic and trying to force a quick outcome”

I began my health and fitness journey as I wanted to get fit, and I was looking for a way to manage the symptoms of a chronic stomach condition. I often got painful symptoms and my weight would fluctuate between healthy and underweight, so I felt like I could never keep my body in good condition with the knowledge that I had at the time. My eating habits were inconsistent and I had a bad relationship with food, which only made my health worse.

I am a lot healthier now than I was before training with Jen, and I have no doubts that I am in a much better condition than I could have ever hoped to be if I hadn’t started working with her. Physically I have been able to develop correct lifting techniques, which has allowed me to increase strength and improve my physique, and through training and diet I have been able to manage the symptoms of my stomach condition. Mentally I have a much healthier attitude toward food and eating habits. I think this has come from how Jen doesn’t just tell you what you should and shouldn’t have, but she also talks you through the why and how.

The amount of knowledge I have gained about food has been amazing. I have so much more knowledge about what is good and bad, what will work, what wont, what I should avoid for how my body works, and how it responds to training and everyday stress. I also learned a lot about patience, and working towards my goals steadily, rather than expecting something unrealistic and trying to force a quick outcome.

My whole journey has been amazing, especially realising what I am capable of and how much further I could go, and understanding that I don’t need to be limited because of my health. My biggest accomplishment thus far is the fact that I was actually able to compete in bodybuilding! I never thought that with my health problems I would ever be able to get my body to cooperate and go through the process of competition prep. I have competed two years in a row so far and even got a place in both of them, which was truly unimaginable. I couldn’t have done this with anyone else.

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Laura Jane

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]“Believing in yourself and loving yourself the way you are in the present moment will enable you move forward.” 

“Love should speak louder than pressure of perfection for one’s body” is one of my favorite sayings. One should never forget that a perfect body will never exist, but to accept ourselves for who we are is the hardest journey we can ever go on with self-development

I have struggled for years about 9 years with body dysmorphia, and being able to overcome this condition and have self-love for my bodies is the most liberating achievement I’ve ever undertaken.

Late in December 2016, after falling madly in love with my now-boyfriend, I gained some weight so I contacted Jen to get some help in getting my lean body back. What I did not comprehend however, is how much Jen would help me to not only transform my body, but also help heal this condition. Jen has taught me what a positive influence the correct nutritional and weight training programs can have on ones’ life – not just physically, but emotionally as well.

This journey of leaning down has not been a smooth one. When I first signed up I wanted to get as lean as possible in 12 weeks. I never anticipated it would take 6 months, however in hindsight I can see that I needed that extra time to learn to develop a better relationship with my body. If I was to get lean in just 12 weeks it would not have been in a healthy manner and would have gone against Jen’s values and principles of never putting her clients’ health in danger to achieve a goal. At times I wanted to give in, I ridiculed my body and told Jen on many occasions I did not think I would be able to reach my goal

During this journey I developed more of acceptance towards my body. This would not have happened in 12 weeks over a simple body transformation. Developing acceptance of one’s body through weight training and personal self-growth takes time and cannot be achieved over a few months. Jen is one of the most talented souls and her personal journey and experiences has given me something to relate back to. I cannot stress enough how critical it is to connect with a coach who has been through what you’re experiencing, as they can cater for both emotional and physical needs personally. Although at times you might not even feel you will achieve your goal the key is to believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself and loving yourself the way you are in the present moment, although you may not be content in accepting where you are currently, will enable you move forward. If you never accept were you are, you will never been happy when you get down to your goal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]






Transformation is yours for the taking. 

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