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Savoury oats are a winner when you want to keep your blood sugar under control, have sustained energy throughout the day, and avoid those sugar cravings.

Also perfect for winter weather in November that just won’t go away! ❄️

I find it funny to see how oats, one of the healthiest foods you can get, has suddenly turned into cake on Instagram. So I am making a healthy contribution 😅 This is my peanut-butter pumpkin savoury oats recipe!


  • 40-50gm Oats
  • 100gms Pumpkin, cooked/pureed or air-fried
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 tbs peanut butter, or 20gm powdered peanut butter (Yum Natural is the brand I used)
  • Himalayan salt & cinnamon


◻ Cook the pumpkin by boiling or air frying, then either use the air-fried cubes or mash the boiled pumpkin.

◻ Cook the oats in a pot with cinnamon and salt

◻ Cook one egg on the frypan

◻ Prepare the peanut butter, either by heating it up or mixing the powdered peanut butter in water to create the desired consistency

◻ Add the oats to a bowl, the fried egg, pumpkin, and drizzle the peanut butter on top.

Delish 🌱🍽


  • 318 calories
  • 22gm protein
  • 10gm fat
  • 35gm carbs

You can add more protein via egg whites or vanilla protein powder too if you wish!

Hope you enjoy!

Jen x






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