Magical Mindset is a program that takes a radically different approach to body transformation and lifestyle change.

The number one goal here is to help you create results that will be with you for a lifetime, not just a season.

If you; 

  • Want to see change and transformation in your lifestyle, health and body…desperately…
  • Long to feel strong…in both your mind and your body…
  • Want to be able to look at your reflection and feel proud, even joyful…
  • Desire a job promotion, or career change, but you just lack that knowing that you belong there, or if it’s the right choice for you…
  • Want to get back into your favourite pair of jeans, or look amazing for your wedding…
  • Are tired of feeling disconnected from yourself…
  • You’re coming up to a ‘big’ birthday and you want to make *this* new decade the best and strongest one you’ve ever had…


But…You’re stuck in a loop of wanting results…starting, failing, and then starting all over again?

Then this program may be for you. 

Most of the women I coach have been where you are right now; 

  • Trying ANY way you can to break out of old habits and patterns…
  • Given every diet under the sun a go –  paleo, no-carb, low-carb, high-carb, vegan, intermittent fasting but can’t seem to stick to anything…
  • Pushed themselves as hard as possible in HIIT (over and over again…)
  • Joined the new gym down the road with that new fancy circuit…
  • Told themselves ‘tomorrow’, ‘next week’, ‘on Monday’…
  • And sure, you may have seen a little bit of progress, for a bit…


….but then you always fall back into old patterns and it just goes back the way it was before…

It feels like there’s always something there to stop you, holding you back.

(And spoiler alert, it’s you.)

If you continue the way you’re going…and nothing changes…?

You’re facing another year of feeling less than strong, less than healthy…Less than you know you’re capable of. Not reaching your potential. 

So, it’s time to do something different.


…The transformation happens…from the inside out. 

Because here’s the thing…

The battle is NOT with your body. 

It’s with your mind. 

And that’s where ‘Magical Mindset’ comes in…

And it’s going to change your transformation journey, forever…

Magical Mindset is a winding journey through exploring your past, acknowledging the present, and designing your future. Along the way you unlock the keys that are standing between you and your dream life. 

Your dream mindset

Your mindset is the key to any transformation or goal. It is the key to unlocking your most powerful, magical expression. 


01. Your Storythe Story key

02. Your Goals the Vision key

03. Your Why the Fire key

04. Inspiration the Spark key

05. Motivationthe Energy key

06. Disciplinethe Work key

07. Future Design the Future key

08. Accountabilitythe Ownership key

09. Compassion the Self Love key

10. Vision Board the Promise key

11. Manifestation the Manifestation key



This course is called ‘Magical Mindset’ right? But to get to the magical part and get that really working in your life, the exploration element comes first. It’s about working out where you are right now, where you have been, and where you want to go, with your health, work, fitness, and/or lifestyle, on an individual level. 

If we don’t explore this first, then we risk blindly chasing goals without even knowing if they’re right for us! And we don’t want that.

Lesson 1: The Story Key

This lesson is all about exploring your past, your story. Who are you and where have you been? What experiences have etched their way into your nervous system, guiding the choices you make today? Here we dive into the subconscious mind, and start unpacking how that manifests into the present, so you can gain a higher understanding of yourself.

Lesson 2: The Vision Key

The vision key is about casting that ideal vision into the world. What are your goals? Why are you here? Who do you want to be? How do you go about creating a goal that is intrinsically motivated, so that when you achieve it you feel more whole?

Lesson 3: The Fire Key

Setting effective goals involves identifying emotional drivers that keep the fire burning, no matter the circumstances. This lesson is about identifying what it is you want to feel at the end of this program. What are your emotional drivers? How can you create a positive, safe and secure place to land? 


Now that we’ve explored where we’ve been and where we’re wanting to go, it’s time to look at the key principles behind turning dreams into reality. This module is dedicated entirely to mastering inspiration, motivation, and discipline. 


Lesson 4: The Spark Key

Most of us misunderstand the role of inspiration in our lives. Essentially, inspiration gets us thinking – it is like a lightning bolt, coming from outside of us, sparking excitement and joy but leaving us with no idea what to do with it. What does it mean? How can we harness it when it comes? What is inspiration trying to tell us? This lesson is dedicated to exploring exactly that, and how to use inspiration as a guide towards health and wholeness. 


Lesson 5: The Energy Key

Motivation follows inspiration. It’s like the furnace that activates inside of us, propelling us forwards to bring dreams into reality. It is hard to rely on motivation though, as it often vanishes as quickly as it arrived. In this lesson, we dive deep into motivation, and how to ensure we use it correctly to propel consistent, effective, forward movement.

Lesson 6: The Work Key

Discipline is that skill that we all struggle with. We are dopamine-addicted beings now with distraction at every turn. How can we keep moving, and pushing forwards, no matter what’s happening around us? In order to get meaningful things done, we need to learn how to harness this energy so we can choose where our attention goes. 



Mirroring is all about identifying things in others, subconsciously, that you have or would like to have in yourself. In this module we use this method to start building a clear and vibrant vision for your future. Think of it like design, only it’s you that we are designing, and we are going to be aligning it to the most magical, infinite, and authentic version of you.  

Lesson 7: The Future Key

If you want to become a new person, you need to know who she is, right? How do we use the subconscious to work out who we need to be in order to achieve our goals? In this lesson, we start to design the life you truly deserve, working out what we want to leave behind for good, and what we need to bring forward into our future.


The last few steps of our mindset journey involve a tool kit. It’s the last theoretical component of the course, but super valuable. Firstly we are going to touch on accountability and self-love, as without these two keys, nothing you dream of will come into fruition. Or if it does, you’ll have a hard time hanging onto it!

Lesson 8: The Ownership Key

This key is about ownership, as you can’t have forward movement without it – knowing who you are, owning it, standing by her, and giving her the chance to be seen. Where are you playing the victim, and where can you empower yourself to let go? This is the lesson for this. 



Lesson 9: The Self-love Key

Self-love is the centerpoint of all lasting success when it comes to goal chasing. If we don’t have self-love, we sabotage ourselves and when we reach the finish line we have trouble hanging onto it. This lesson is all about surrender, trust, kindness and compassion, and how to turn this inwards in order to clear the way for future success.

Lesson 10: The Promise Key

Visual goals are powerful. Here we are going to begin our visual promise, creating an intentional, powerful, magical vision board to tie all the work we have done together throughout this course. This board will be an ever-evolving representation of the real you, and serve as an anchor for everything you dream of in the future.




By now you have this really wonderful board filled with goals, statements, and mirrored traits and characteristics that align with the real you, motivated internally. You’ve also dug down pretty deep and exposed aspects of you that are getting in the way of you becoming your highest expression. Now we work on mastering our magic.


Lesson 11: The Manifestation Key

Once you have dug through your past, projected your goals into the future and set intentions about what you want in your life, the universe will begin to respond, shifting in a way to help you navigate your next steps. In this lesson we dive a little deeper into the intricate workings of the universe, so you know how to respond as you step into your new, beautifully designed future self, and keep the changes coming in the long term.



Lesson 12: The Self-love Key

Self-love is the centerpoint of all lasting success when it comes to goal chasing. If we don’t have self-love, we sabotage ourselves and when we reach the finish line we have trouble hanging onto it. This lesson is all about surrender, trust, kindness and compassion, and how to turn this inwards in order to clear the way for future success.

I used to live a fast-paced, crazy over-achiever lifestyle, chasing that multi-million dollar business dream all day, and night. Eventually, chronic fatigue came and kicked me off my pedestal and into a 6-year healing journey. 

That’s the short story. 

Having spent my life facing my physical and emotional health through diet and exercise, I never expected this to be true but, after traveling the globe and trying almost everything to reclaim my health, the key to my healing all came back to my mindset. 

Over the years, both growing up and throughout adulthood I had been told what to do, who to be, and what the best kind of life to live looked like. 

As it turned out, what I was told wasn’t for me. I was trying to live a life that even I didn’t understand deep down, and I had abandoned my true self, goals and desires in order to fit in and be socially acceptable. We all do this, as being left out, or ostracised from the group is a human being’s primary fear. We don’t realise however, that true acceptance begins from the inside-out. 

It’s time that we came home, discovering our true selves and putting all that pressure from society’s expectations to rest. 

Did you know that by not being true to yourself, or being disconnected from yourself, and all of your life talents, gifts and beliefs, is a stressor? It creates strain on the nervous system which manifests both physically and mentally, causing a kind of tug-o-war to go on within your body and mind every day as you face the world around you. 

As you close the gap between who we are being and who we should be deep down in our soul, we start to balance out those stress signals and give the body time and space to heal. 

This course includes everything that I learned along my journey to becoming my healthiest, and most aligned, authentic expression, or you could also say, I became who I was before society stepped in and told me who to be. 

Aligning with your true self and shining that light into the world is the best thing you can do for both body and mind. Everything else starts to fall away and life gets much, much easier. 

I implore you to take this journey yourself, so you too can have a Magical Mindset. 

Jen x


“Jen is, in my opinion, the best coach you could ever ask for! The knowledge, the support and the lifelong skills she has provided for me is priceless” – Regi

“Finding Jen completely changed my perception of health” – Caitlin

“I have never been happier, more confident, and healthier in my life and I owe this to what Jen has taught me. I could not recommend her as a coach/mentor enough – whatever your health goals/needs may be.” – Annie

“Jen has literally changed my life!! She has helped me to transform from the inside out, by working on my mindset, and tackling my self-sabotaging habits and emotions”. – Lisa

“Jen helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. Together we discovered that stress is a strong influence over my eating patterns and subsequent bloating. She has also encouraged me to meditate daily to reduce my stress and re engage with my subconscious” – Ash


“In some ways, I feel like I’ve progressed more in the last few weeks than I have in the past few months, maybe because I’ve had to focus more on my mindset, work through my own blocks, limiting beliefs. It meant I had to dig deeper.” – Keeley


What’s in the course (general):

  • 2hrs & 32min of video lessons
  • 11 Printable Workbooks
  • Practical takeaways
  • 7 meditations to facilitate deeper work
  • Downloadable quotes and illustrations
  • Access to Jen
  • Online community access

Each lesson is in video format, with the content explained as simply as possible through real-life examples, analogies, and illustrations. A new key is covered with each lesson, and includes both philosophical and scientific contexts to assist understanding. 

There are 12 lessons, and the course is completely self-paced. It is recommended you complete one module per week where possible, as the more intensely you work through it, the less distraction you have from the outside world that will hinder your focus. 


Lifetime access

For as long as this course is available, you will have access to the contents, including any updates or upgrades in the future.

Downloadable Worksheets

You will be provided simple worksheets to aid you in self-reflection where applicable. This will be in the form of short questions and prompts to make self-reflection as simple as possible.

Evidence-based, yet holistic

All topics will be explained scientifically, with supporting evidence for further reading if desired. This is well balanced with practical explanations, as well as philosophical perspectives, to ensure concepts are understood quickly and easily.


As an artist, I often find it easy to learn through imagery. Original illustrations are used throughout the course material to further simplify the material. 



Meditations have been created specifically for this course, with the primary purpose of bringing about a deeper experience. Meditation targets the nervous system, aiding in a more relaxed state of mind and body, which makes it easier to access the subconscious mind, a pivotal element of this coursework. 



Not only will you have access to Jen, you will be connected with like-minded women who seek further understanding of this topic.

Private Coaching Calls

You will have 2 x 30minute private coaching calls with Jen to discuss the content, workbook activities, personal goals, and/or your progress through the course. You choose what you want to use them for!



Installment Option



One-time Payment



Does this course include private coaching?

No, this course is in online format, and individually paced. It is a journey between yourself currently, and yourself in the future, as you design her world to be. You will have the support of the group and myself available for support when needed, and one-on-one coaching can be added once you have finished the course materials. 

Is there any nutritional advice or training programs included?

Meal plans, training programs and health recommendations are out of the scope of this program, however a healthy mindset provides inside-out assistance for either of these goals.

What if I fall behind? 

You will have lifetime access to the program, so if you fall behind, you can simply catch up when you’re ready!

If I change my mind after purchase, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds, as all the course content will be available to you upon receiving your payment. 

Do I have to do the meditations in order to get the most out of the course?

No, you don’t! If you are uncomfortable with this aspect at this time, you can do the content without completing any of the meditations. These are included to facilitate deeper work, however the beta round of this course was run without meditations and was transformational regardless.






Transformation is yours for the taking. 

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