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Are you listening to your body? Our bodies have an amazing capacity to collect and send information in an attempt to keep itself balanced, whether it’s for rest, particular nutrients, or the early stages of illness or injury.

Most things that we consider ‘normal’ these days such as poor digestion, pain and fatigue are a result of the body trying to ‘speak’ to us. In response, and due to our high-stress lifestyles, we resort to quick fixes to ‘switch off’ these signals and push through. Unfortunately this is something that can lead us down the path of easily preventable health conditions, injuries and depleted energy stores

Take caffeine for example. We are stretched to our limits and need to keep moving so we mask this exhaustion with an artificial ‘kick’. This is fine for a while, but the issue with doing this is comes in long-term, when the body no longer responds to this ‘kick’, it stops providing its own energy, and depletes other systems in the body in order to find balance. I see this all the time and it has happened to me. It is the same concept for illness and injury

You can fight your body short term but you can’t outsmart it in the long run, so listen to the signals your body is sending and you will find yourself sickness-free and with energy to burn. And you will get a lot more out of your training too!






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