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Holistic health coaching is about returning the body back to it’s healthful, vibrant, energetic self. Treatment is the result of a partnership between you and the practitioner, and could include any (or all) of the following natural means; naturopathy, nutrition, lifestyle medicine, energy work, and mindset support. The combination used is dependent on your style, and presenting symptoms.

I offer ongoing coaching packages, or one-off nutritional support depending on what you wish to work on.

Health coaching is both an art and a science, and my practice utilises a combination of methodologies where required including nutrition, naturopathy, lifestyle modification, herbal medicine, flower essences, supplementation, laboratory testing, mindset and motivational support, subconscious reprogramming and energy medicine.

The aim is to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, which is an ability we all have. We start by assessing the presenting symptoms, and taking a layered, structured approach to reducing symptoms through natural means. Health coaching is a joint-effort, so you need to be open and ready to make changes where required. With each consultation we assess what is working, re-visit presenting symptoms, to bring you back to a state of vibrant health.


Suitable for women’s health, weight loss, fatigue, mental health, stress-reduction, gut health, and hormonal issues.


  • Extensive and ongoing review of health history and current symptoms
  • Treatment and implementation plan including lifestyle, nutritional and exercise recommendations.
  • Meal plan assistance, and/or flexible dieting tuition where needed
  • Fortnightly 30-minute consultation via Zoom regarding progress, roadblocks, and changes
  • Mindset and motivational support
  • Prescribed herbs, supplements, and/or flower essences where required (at extra cost)
  • Suggested functional lab testing (at extra cost, only if required)

    10% discount applies if you pay for 3+ months upfront

    Looking for a one-off appointment?

    One-off appointments are available for $149/hr. This includes health history, review of current symptoms, a 60-minute consultation to establish lifestyle, nutritional, and herbs/supplement/further testing recommendations where needed. 

    Since starting my journey my health has improved out of sight! I have gone from being grumpy, tired, exhausted and depressed to feeling healthy, fit, strong, and truly confident in myself!

    ~ Lisa

    Meal plans can be created for various goals including weight loss and sports performance, or in this case health goals such as PMS management, hormone balance, iron deficiency, skin health, detoxification, mental health support. The current term for this kind of health practice is nutritional medicine. It involves a deeper look into your health history and symptoms, so if you’re looking for that extra advice, this option is for you.


  • Extensive review of health history and current eating patterns
  • Meal plan with 2-3 meal options, per meal, per day, so you have plenty of variety. For those who are confident enough a macro split with micronutrient recommendations tailored to your specific health condition
  • Personal preferences can be tailored to such as dairy free, gluten free, pescatarian, etc.
    30-minute consultation via Zoom

  • 14-day follow-up check-in, and any required adjustments
  • Practitioner-only supplement recommendations where needed
  • Sports-supplement recommendations and client discount with Elite Supps Australia.

    Weight loss & general wellbeing – $239

    The biggest problem I had to begin with was that I was a severe Epileptic, suffering from weekly fits, swollen joints, bruising and weight gain due to my high dose of medication. I expressed to Jen my dream to be able to manage my illness holistically, and naturally with no medication, as I was totally against being placed on something that made me so violently ill. Jen and I began training together once a week, and creating diet plans that would best improve my health and my physique so I could make this dream of competing come to life. Through her commitment to me, and mine to myself I was able to drop 10 kilos within the first 4-5 months. At the same time I managed to wean off my medication, managing my epilepsy through a healthy life-style and Jen’s support. Thanks to this journey I have been fit-free now for three years, I am off all medication, feeling fantastic, and looking forward to prepping for next competition.
    ~ Maddie



    For those who do not require extensive health coaching or training programs, but wish to be accountable to a professional coach until a weight loss goal is reached.


    • Extensive review of health history, current symptoms, and eating patterns prior to appointment
    • Meal plan or macro split
    • Supplement and exercise recommendations (general, not including specific weight training)
    • Fortnightly 20-minute Zoom consultation regarding progress, roadblocks, and changes
    • Online weekly check-ins, and 24/7 email support
    • Access to NOURISH & FLOURISH Nutrition Course
    • Mindset and motivational support where required.



    There is a $239 ‘start-up’ fee, covering the initial consultation and meal plan, followed by a two week trial period to ensure we are a great fit!

    A 10% discount applies if paying for 3+ months upfront

    feel free to get in touch at [email protected] and discuss your goals and we can make a plan from there
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    get in touch
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