Stress is one of those illusive topics, we try to reduce stress but oftentimes we don’t even know what it looks or feels like.

In this mini course, we will embark on a journey through stress, highlighting; 

    • What stress is, and what it isn’t

    • The nervous system

    • Healthy vs. chronic stress

    • How to reduce stress, 

    • Practical activities to restore balance in body and mind, and, 

    • Much more

   If you would like to:

  • Improve mental functioning

  • Tap into your natural creativity

  • Enjoy healthy relationships and friendships

  • Rejuvenate body and mind

  • Experience more positive emotion

  • Maintain a feeling of safety

  • Improve digestion

  • Enjoy greater focus and clarity

  • Connect back in with your deeper inner wisdom, or gut instincts.

  • Be more productive, and lastly. 

  • Feel more joy


Then you’re in the right place! As this is exactly what you can expect when you learn how to navigate, and switch back to, your rest and digest system. 

This is our natural state, and learning how to access the stress-response only when it’s really needed, is key!

Great Minds Unwind contains 6 lessons over 6 weeks, each building on the one before it. I hope you’re excited to go on this journey with me!  

See you there! 🙂


01. Exploring Stress

02. The Nervous System

03. The Stress Response

04. Reducing Stress

05. Conscious, mind-body interventions

06. Subconscious, body-mind interventions


Lesson 1: Exploring Stress

In this lesson, we will explore stress. We will delve beyond that elusive term, uncovering what it is, what it looks like, what is going on physiologically, and begin identifying ways in which you and your body may, in fact, be under stress.

Lesson 2: The Nervous System

The nervous system is that magical neural network that controls your entire being, but which we never learned a great deal about. What is the nervous system? How does it work? How does the nervous system contribute to, or take away from, a healthy mind and body? This is what we cover in this lesson.

Lesson 3: The Stress Response

In this lesson, we will explore the stress response – that mechanism that protects you from danger. But what is the danger, exactly? How is it interpreted by your nervous system? We will also begin identifying the difference between acute, momentary stress, and that longer, less obvious stress that can endanger our health long-term.

Lesson 4: Reducing Stress

Working our way through the nervous system, here we stop at the parasympathetic, or rest and digest system, unpacking ways in which we can return here. This lesson is practical, with worksheets designed to support you in uncovering ways in which you can begin reducing stress in your own life. 


Lesson 5: Conscious, mind-body interventions

This lesson is all about implementing practical strategies to begin supporting the nervous system from a conscious level, including sleep hygiene, nutrition, journaling, and lifestyle modification.

Lesson 6:  Subconscious, body-mind interventions

In order to really bring the body back to homeostasis, we want to begin teaching the body what rest and digest feels like. We want to start changing our state, and connecting back in with our inner wisdom. Using breathing activities, and short meditations, we will begin supporting the nervous system from a more subconscious level.

I used to live a fast-paced, crazy over-achiever lifestyle, chasing that multi-million dollar business dream all day, and night. 

I remember people pointing out to me that it was a problem – that I needed to ‘slow down’. My body was in overload, but I just didn’t know any other way to be. So despite allergies, insomnia, anxiety, depression, no rest and no free time, I just kept pushing through with my blinkers on. I was a strong-willed woman with ‘high standards’, I thought. 

Eventually, chronic fatigue came and kicked me off my pedestal and into a 6-year healing journey. Just like everything else in my life, I didn’t take this situation lying down. I vowed to ‘fix’ it. I had things to do, places to go, goals to achieve! 

After everything I tried and tested, from the neuroscience to the epigenetics, the health sciences, (and a little ‘woo-woo’ too), I healed myself. 

I learned that the absolute key to health, happiness and longevity, is a self-regulating, healthy nervous system. 

So stress, the nervous system, and self-regulation is near and dear to my heart.
Many of us live in a constant state of stress. It’s a fast-paced world out there. But it can be hard to identify it. 

So that’s why I have created this mini-course, and I look forward to taking this journey with you!


“Jen is, in my opinion, the best coach you could ever ask for! The knowledge, the support and the lifelong skills she has provided for me is priceless”Regi

“Finding Jen completely changed my perception of health”Caitlin

“I have never been happier, more confident, and healthier in my life and I owe this to what Jen has taught me. I could not recommend her as a coach/mentor enough – whatever your health goals/needs may be.”Annie

“Jen has literally changed my life!! She has helped me to transform from the inside out, by working on my mindset, and tackling my self-sabotaging habits and emotions”.Lisa

“Jen helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. Together we discovered that stress is a strong influence over my eating patterns and subsequent bloating. She has also encouraged me to meditate daily to reduce my stress and re engage with my subconscious”Ash

“In some ways, I feel like I’ve progressed more in the last few weeks than I have in the past few months, maybe because I’ve had to focus more on my mindset, work through my own blocks, limiting beliefs. It meant I had to dig deeper.”Keeley


What’s in the course (general)

  • Video lessons

  • Printable workbook

  • Practical takeaways

  • Downloadable templates

  • Access to Jen

Each lesson is in video format, with a downloadable transcript for those who prefer written format. Supporting materials for further reading is provided where applicable. 

Each lesson is evidence based, with practical translations to assist you in understanding the information quickly and easily, as this topic can be complex and hard to grasp when you have no experience in this area. 

There are 6 lessons, and it is recommended you complete one module per week. This ensures you learn the theory, and have time to complete any worksheets or to really digest the content before moving onto the next lesson. 


Lifetime access

For as long as this course is available, you will have access to the contents, including any updates or upgrades in the future

Downloadable worksheets

You will be provided simple worksheets to aid you in self-reflection where applicable. This will be in the form of a short questionnaire so the content will be easy to understand.

Evidence-based, yet holistic

All topics will be explained scientifically, with supporting evidence for further reading if desired. This is well balanced with practical explanations, to ensure concepts are understood quickly and easily.

Private Coaching Call

You will have 1 x 30minute private coaching call with Jen to discuss the content, workbook activities, personal goals, and/or your progress through the course. You choose what you want to use it for, and when you want to use it.

Lifestyle interventions

Once you have worked through the theory behind stress, you will be provided with practical takeaways, activities and lifestyle modifications that you can begin to implement as soon as you’re ready. 

Meditations & breathing activities

Breathing activities and meditations have been created specifically for this course, targeting the nervous system. Both live meditations, and downloadable files will be provided.

Nutritional support

Regulating the nervous system is not all about mindfulness, as the nervous system requires support from the inside-out. Comprehensive nutritional interventions are included, including specific nutrients and strategies, and nervous system friendly recipes.


Not only will you have access to Jen, you will be connected with like-minded men and women who seek further understanding of stress, the body, and how to rebalance it.



Instalment Option



One-time Payment



Does this course include private coaching?

No, this course is in a group format. One module will be unlocked per week, to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Is there any nutritional advice or training programs included?
This program includes exercise and nutritional recommendations that directly benefit stress-reduction, or improve nervous system function. Examples are given, but specific meal plans and training programs are out of the scope of this program.
What if I fall behind?

You will have lifetime access to the program, so if you fall behind, you can simply catch up when you’re ready! The weekly delivery is a guide only.






Transformation is yours for the taking. 

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