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People in the fitness industry always seem to be debating over the relevance of ‘clean’ foods for training and weight loss goals. There are a lot of people out there who don’t seem to be affected by eating rubbish, but most of the people I meet ARE affected by it.

Science suggests there is no difference between carbs from fruit and carbs from chocolate, as they are all broken down into the same organic compounds they reach your digestive tract. It’s true to a point, but it seems to me that people are starting to lose sight of the whole point of eating!

If food wasn’t meant for nutrient assimilation, then why do we eat at all? There are many nutrients that we need in order to stay healthy that our bodies DON’T make. We can only attain them from food, and recent gene-science shows that what you eat, literally BECOMES you.

The human body is made up from trillions of cells, they are the bricks that make the body healthy and build all of your tissues and organs. New cells are built and old ones die every day. New cells grow in accordance with the health state of your existing cells, which respond to their physical and emotional environment. This occurs whether the environment they are created in is healthy, or not. An unhealthy environment does not create a healthy cell. Unhealthy cells can lead to illness and disease.

So that being said, nutrition should be one of your NUMBER ONE considerations, no matter what your goals are. Most people don’t realise how many times our body renews itself, but it is renewing itself every minute of every day! This regeneration cycle occurs with individual timeframes for each part of your body;

Our liver regenerates every 5 months, our taste buds regenerate every 10 days to two weeks and our hearts, about every 20 years. The outer surface of our lungs regenerate every 2-3 weeks, and the alveoli (inside your lungs) regenerate in about 1 year. It takes 10 years to build a whole new skeleton, your nails take 6-10 months, and hair, 3-6 years. In 2-5 days the whole inside of your intestines will have regenerated. The surface layer of your skin takes between 2-4 weeks (although we do lose elasticity and collagen with age). Even our red blood cells (which carry oxygen to the body tissues) are regenerated every 4 months. The only part of our body which doesn’t regenerate is our brains, which is why we need to keep it busy, especially when ageing

So if you want to regain control of your health keep in mind that in each persons’ average lifetime, almost every part of your body will be renewed at least three times. YOU WILL LITERALLY BECOME A WHOLE NEW PERSON. So it’s never too late to begin healthy habits, and reverse unhealthy ones.

Your diet, lifestyle and mindset will affect the health of each and every new cell your body produces. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy empty-calorie treats from time to time (as that is called BALANCE, and we all need it), but it does mean that the majority of your meals should be nutritious in order for your body to stay healthy

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