Should all Personal Trainers have Abs?

Should all Personal Trainers have Abs?

I saw a post on Facebook the other day questioning whether trainers should have a six-pack before offering any kind of health/fitness advice. I LOLd a little bit, but then one of my clients who is almost qualified to PT was questioning her place in the industry as she is, in her opinion, not lean and muscular enough to succeed. I hear this a lot so, it got me thinking

This is me at 76kgs, after 16 years of working in the health and fitness industry. I started gym training when I was 15 and I’m now in my 30’s. Do I look perfect? Nope, I am sitting at 29% body fat. Am I a shit trainer? No. Should I stop offering advice because I’m not a size 8, and don’t reflect the ‘typical’ female trainer body shape of this time? Hell no

Limiting your idea of health and fitness-related knowledge to the presence/absence of a 6 pack and low body-fat is denying the existence of so many factors that affect one’s body composition. These include genetics (biggest one), life experiences, age, performance-enhancing drugs, stress levels, and the list goes on

Limiting the worth of a female trainer to the muscularity and leanness of her physique is a rejection of the many other aspects that make women beautiful/powerful: women are soft, wise, strong, intuitive, caring, etc. The more estrogen we have, the softer we are, and emotionally we absorb a lot of what happens around us. These traits, in my opinion, are essential when it comes to inspiring health and wellness amongst women.

This industry is very masculine, and it always has been. I have had to fight to embrace my femininity with it, and I see many women fighting the same battle. We aren’t all cookie-cutter body shapes as the fitness industry suggests us to be!

Your physical body reflects your triumphs but it reflects your scars too, and a little body-fat is not a bad thing when you are looking after yourself. Probably time women embrace that


Perspectives on the ‘Perfect’ Female Body

Perspectives on the ‘Perfect’ Female Body

I love this picture as to me it represents how much my perspective has changed, both as a trainer and as a woman in this industry. Definitely not as strong or as lean as I once was, but stronger and healthier than ever in both body and mind

These days I liken the pursuit of this ‘perfect’ female physique to playing a game of soccer, but where the goal posts keep being moved and the shape of the ball keeps changing. You can NEVER reach it, and mainly because what also doesn’t change is your lack of perspective, which leaves you unable to recognize your own personal power or beauty even when it’s staring you right in the face.

In some ways I think the fitness industry has lost it’s way a little. I think women have lost sight of what’s achievable naturally, what is healthy, and where the truth lies. As a trainer I strive to be what I wish I had at the beginning of my journey, even if it doesn’t fit within the ‘norms’ of what is happening at this present time. My experiences have shaped me and I don’t budge on my principles, no matter what anyone says. I support my clients in any direction they choose to go, be it bodybuilding, powerlifting or whatever because I love and value them, but because their health is the top priority they are able to achieve more than I ever did

It’s important to remember that no matter who you are, you don’t have to be the hottest, skinniest, fittest, or strongest girl out in order to own your space in this world; you just have to be happy with yourself. Eat well because you love you body, lift weights because you love your body, but own your individual journey and remember it’s a different journey to everyone else’s



“Don’t waste another second thinking that you’re failing, when really all you’re doing is growing” – Chani Nicholas

Growth comes in many forms.

Sometimes it’s the obvious things like getting a new job, completing your degree, or getting a pay rise

Sometimes it’s the more subtle things like not eating that chocolate bar, saying no to drinking on the weekend with your friends, or making to the gym each day of the week that you planned to

But then there are those REALLY subtle changes that are disguised as ‘failures’. A relationship breakup, leaving a job, or ‘stuffing up’ something that means a lot to you. These are the things we beat ourselves up about but they are just as powerful as the rest for growth and change

We learn from failure. We grow from failure. Bringing our attention to the things we do ‘wrong’ can empower us to change them. Sometimes you need to take a step backward in order to move forward

Don’t miss all of the beautiful things you have done that helped you to become the person you are today. If you are alive and conscious, your growing

Jen x

Beautiful Bodies Launching 29th January

Beautiful Bodies Launching 29th January


Very excited to share that my new 8-week challenge, BEAUTIFUL BODIES, is coming soon!!

Bridging the gap between who you are, and who you want to be, this is the ultimate woman’s mind-body transformation program.

Keep a look out on my social media pages, it officially launches Monday 29th January!

Jen 💜



There will be many places in which you will encounter rejection. The mirror should not be one of them. 

How do you feel when you look in the mirror? If it’s not good, then that’s a sure-fire sign you need to do a little work on self-love

The relationship you have with yourself on the inside mirrors itself externally in your every day life. Happy people generally attract happy people. Broken people often attract broken people. There is a really great saying I heard long before I understood any of these concepts – which is that you attract those who’s darkness ‘plays well’ with yours. It’s proven true in my own life and didn’t change for the better until I changed the relationship I had within myself

Despite being involved in body transformation and competition coaching, much of my time as a coach is spent helping women find a better relationship with their bodies. No matter what their physical goals are, learning to love your body is one of the most crucial steps to finding happiness and success along the way

Does that mean you don’t need to look after yourself? Well that all depends on what your personal priorities are. My idea is self love is treating your body with the same level of respect that you would a best friend or close family member

In life, people WILL reject you. But rejection of yourself adds fuel to that fire and it draws more of it towards you. Drop the war you have with yourself and focus on being your own greatest supporter. See how much stronger you feel




The secret to having it all, is realising you already do

The root of joy is gratefulness. Gratitude takes what we already have and turns it into ‘enough’. Separating yourself from feelings of envy and lack, and realizing you already have everything you need around you and within you, is the shortest road to happiness and freedom.

Pay no attention to the craziness that goes on around you, follow your heart, and trust that the universe will give you everything you need, exactly when you need it. Nothing is more powerful than a grateful heart







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