Who Magazine Feature

Who Magazine Feature

Check out this months WHO Weekly Magazine for my latest feature!

For the past three months of 2017, I trained Julia on behalf of this wonderful magazine. I was responsible for her nutrition and training programs, and we worked together two-days per week

Julia made a heap of progress over those 8 weeks!

Overall she lost 11kg, and dropped 12cm from her waist and 11cm from her hips

Her BMI reduced from 33 to 30. Her motivation for nutrition and exercise improved throughout the challenge.

There is still a little way to go, and Julia is still working hard, but for 12 weeks this is an amazing start!

It was awesome to be selected as one of the trainers for the magazine, and an experience I hope to repeat in the near future

Jen x

Beautiful Bodies Launching 29th January

Beautiful Bodies Launching 29th January


Very excited to share that my new 8-week challenge, BEAUTIFUL BODIES, is coming soon!!

Bridging the gap between who you are, and who you want to be, this is the ultimate woman’s mind-body transformation program.

Keep a look out on my social media pages, it officially launches Monday 29th January!

Jen 💜

ALDI’s is Going Organic

ALDI’s is Going Organic

So apparently Aldi’s is going organic

This is awesome. I often tell people who aren’t ready to follow eating guidelines to make one simple change – to either buy their groceries from the farmers market, or if they don’t want to get up on the weekend and do that (as they usually close up around 1030-11am), then buy as much as possible from Aldi’s. The reason being, European sourced foods are often lower in additives, genetically modified ingredients and pesticide.

When I was in Europe in 2013, it opened my eyes to a lot of things food-related. In Australia I was unable to eat coconut, berries, dairy or gluten without having an allergic reaction, but over there I was able to eat almost everything without any adverse effects. It was the EXACT SAME FOOD, but clearly something about it was different. And on top of that, I learned what berries ACTUALLY tasted like. They taste a lot better over there than they do over here.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Aldi’s has announced that they are going to do two things; start introducing less processed foods, and change the product placement of health foods to better serve the consumer. This means they are increasing the amount of fresh and organic food they’re stocking, as well as introducing healthier snack options.

In the US it has been stated that they are increasing the sales of organic fresh meat, removing products with synthetic colours and MSG, ensuring all diary is free of artificial growth hormone and increasing their gluten-free and health-based food and snack range. I have seen signs in Australian stores making similar statements of their plans for the future.

Another store I found in Europe (that I wish was in Australia) was Whole Foods. While in America this year, given I have a history of food allergy, I bought most of my food from there including breakfast, snacks, and sometimes meals from the buffet, and I had one or two meals in a cafe/restaurant each day. Most people say they don’t feel too great after travelling in the US. I personally didn’t feel unwell once, and although I ate a bucket-load of calories, I actually lost weight in the process.

It is said that Aldi’s fresh food move may even rival Whole Foods. Which doesn’t mean much for us as we don’t have access to Whole Foods, but it will make healthier options more easily available for us, and cheaper too.

Obviously for those who don’t struggle with illness or excess body-fat, this won’t mean much to you. But if it does, then I would suggest keeping your eye out on your local Aldi’s store and consider buying some of your produce from there

Nutrients are required for your health. They are extracted in your gut from whole foods. Not fake foods. Fake foods give you calories, but no nutrients!

Listen to your Body, it’s Smarter than You

Listen to your Body, it’s Smarter than You

Are you listening to your body? Our bodies have an amazing capacity to collect and send information in an attempt to keep itself balanced, whether it’s for rest, particular nutrients, or the early stages of illness or injury.

Most things that we consider ‘normal’ these days such as poor digestion, pain and fatigue are a result of the body trying to ‘speak’ to us. In response, and due to our high-stress lifestyles, we resort to quick fixes to ‘switch off’ these signals and push through. Unfortunately this is something that can lead us down the path of easily preventable health conditions, injuries and depleted energy stores

Take caffeine for example. We are stretched to our limits and need to keep moving so we mask this exhaustion with an artificial ‘kick’. This is fine for a while, but the issue with doing this is comes in long-term, when the body no longer responds to this ‘kick’, it stops providing its own energy, and depletes other systems in the body in order to find balance. I see this all the time and it has happened to me. It is the same concept for illness and injury

You can fight your body short term but you can’t outsmart it in the long run, so listen to the signals your body is sending and you will find yourself sickness-free and with energy to burn. And you will get a lot more out of your training too!

Nutrition is about living life to the fullest

Nutrition is about living life to the fullest

Nutrition is not low fat. It is not low calorie. It is not being hungry and feeling deprived. It’s nourishing your body with real, whole foods so that you are constantly satisfied and energised to live life to the fullest.

Long term deprivation can lead to fear of food and brings you nothing but misery in the long run. Nutrition is here to be enjoyed, and you can’t escape the fact that you need it to survive. It’s okay to cut back for a short time to achieve a specific goal, but the balance needs to come back once you’ve reached it.

Eat all the food groups, balance your macros so you FEEL good, be consistent and patient, and the results will come. Make sure you’re eating enough to fuel your day-to-day activities as well as your training.

No matter what you do, deprivation and starvation are not going to bring you the same results as balance and health will

Strength Training isn’t Just About Getting A Bikini Body

Strength Training isn’t Just About Getting A Bikini Body

Strength training isn’t just about getting a bikini body. When I began lifting weights I was focused only on physical goals but it wasn’t long after I started that I realised how diverse the benefits really were!

Curves, improved body composition and muscle tone are all amazing benefits but there are so many others, like how your confidence improves with muscle and nervous system adaptations regardless of body composition changes, or the benefits to your health in mobility, posture, circulation, bone density, immunity and mentality.

Becoming a stronger woman physically helps you become a more powerful woman internally and over time it teaches you that you can do anything you set your mind to.

You don’t have to be an athlete to begin weight training, you just need to be committed to the idea of becoming a stronger, healthier and more powerful version of you






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