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Feeling so grateful to be feeling amazing again and reflecting on how far my health has come over these past couple of years!! 18 months ago my body was a total mess, and to be honest I had no idea if I was going to be able to fix it. I have always had a really active lifestyle and eaten healthy, but I definitely learned the hard way that you can go too far with a good thing. A mixture of over-dieting, overtraining and emotional stress tipped my body right over the edge.

At the worst time I needed 4-5 coffees to get through the day, I had constant brain fog, I developed sooo many allergies (from food to alcohol, grass, supplements, animals, you name it, I couldn’t be near it), I ended up being afraid to eat and while all this was happening I gained around 15kgs. I was always puffy, had insomnia, my visceral fat (aka stress fat) was sooo high and I couldn’t train at all without everything burning or without feeling asthmatic, and i don’t even have asthma. I almost quit my job because I really couldn’t see how I could get better without sleeping for a thousand years. I was completely burned out physically and emotionally. It was sad times haha.

Last week I got the all-clear that my tummy issues have cleared up and it was the best thing in the entire world, and on the weekend it was the first time in years that I was able to go out to dinner without freaking out about what was in the food, and how it was going to make me feel.

I am training again about 4-5 times a week, my lifts are almost back to where they used to be and I can get right through the day with heaps of energy. I am off adrenal, liver, and thyroid support, and the only caffeine I have is one half-strength coffee in the morning but because I like it, not because I need it. I’m by no means 100% there, my hormones are still lagging behind a bit and I’m still kinda ‘fluffy’, but I really don’t care as feeling good trumps being lean for me now any day.

It’s crazy how your health can tip you over like that and how slowly it wastes away, and how your body can just keep pushing you forward even when what you are doing isn’t good for you. It is sooo important to listen to the signals your body is sending you and where necessary invest the time in your recovery so your body has time to heal. Nutrition, exercise and rest are important for your wellbeing but you need to balance it properly.

Never take your health for granted for a superficial goal, and always chase your goals with your health as your first priority. I am thanking whoever is in charge of the universe that I didn’t quit my job too because it’s the best thing in the world lol so excited to keep improving from here and sharing some of the awesome things I’ve learned along the way!






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