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With COVID closing gyms and leaving us hanging out at home twiddling our thumbs and looking for online training routines, I thought I would share some great resistance-band exercises that my clients have incorporated into their home programming.

Resistance bands are a great training tool, and when performed well can keep your body in great shape whilst you wait for gyms to open up again. Benefits of resistance bands include greater joint stability, greater strength as the resistance varies, and the obvious fact that you can take a band ANYWHERE to train with.

I have broken the workouts up into three splits;

  • Day 1: Legs & Abs
  • Day 2: Chest & Arms
  • Day 3: Back & Shoulders

The equipment you will need to complete these workouts is a band, either circular or with handles, somewhere in the home to attach a band to, and a broomstick (optional). Each video contains various options for you to try, as it does depend on how many bands you have, the type, and the attachments you have available to you. If you have other equipment, then these exercises will make great additions to your training routine!

Performing 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps is pretty standard for resistance band exercises, though you may need to adjust it based on your own strength and endurance levels. Start there as a guide, and modify as needed.

Day 1: LEGS & ABS

Key pointers:

  • Legs should be supported all the way through to your upper back. Keep your lats/middle back engaged throughout the movements
  • Keep your pelvis slightly tucked
  • Aim to keep the glutes (bum) and hamstrings engaged throughout

Key pointers:

  • Always support the weight through your lats (middle-back)
  • Push your chest out to increase support and engagement through the upper body. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Avoid flaring your elbows
  • Focus on the muscle you’re using, so with triceps focus on extending with that muscle, for chest focus on squeezing it in order to press

Key pointers: 

  • Always start by locking your lats into position, and pulling from your middle-back. There is no need to pull it any further than you can pull with your back muscles
  • Push your chest out to maintain good posture and a natural spinal curve
  • With shoulders, always keep your elbows in front of the weight. Avoid flaring them outwards. Support the weight through your abs and lats/middle back.

I hope you find these exercises helpful! There are so many great exercises you can do at home with limited equipment. Stay tuned for more exercises in the future

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