Training with Jen since: 2015

Goals: Strength, Strong Fit Bod, Gut Health, Stress Management

“I stopped making exercise a priority – as a result my mental health paid the price and I didn’t even realise!”


Jen helped to me gain a deeper understanding of myself and helped me rediscover my love of training, health and spiritual connection. Together we discovered that stress is a strong influence over my eating patterns and subsequent bloating. She has also encouraged me to meditate daily to reduce my stress and reengage with my sub conscious.

For the last 15 years, I’ve maintained a consistent gym/exercise routine During my time in the defence force.

After leaving the Army the purpose of my exercise regime was to maintain fitness levels, weight loss, health, and to a lesser extent mental health. I loved being healthy, fit, feeling lean and enjoyed a variety of fitness activities (which always included LOADS of cardio). I loved exercise, the feeling of utter exhaustion after a session was exhilarating and I loved being able to ‘eat more’ as a result. On reflection, I didn’t always have the best relationship with WHY I was exercising; sometimes I would use it as ‘punishment’ for not eating as well as I should have, or to ‘earn’ a big dinner with friends. 

After giving birth to my first child, I didn’t want to do as much cardio so I turned to weight training to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. I joined a few gyms and worked with numerous trainers, each with their own ideas of how to get ‘comp ready’. These usually entailed an insanely restrictive diet. 

After what ended up being a gruelling experience of getting on stage, I was left feeling completely exhausted, starved and deflated. I devoured everything sugary/carb laden in my path with no ‘off switch’ in sight. I felt completely lost and sad, riding the sugar rollercoaster.

My mental health took a downward spiral and I am certain I developed some disordered eating patterns as a result of this. 

When I started training with Jen a year later, I loved that she knew exactly how I was feeling  and understood my desire to feel empowered and strong along with repairing my metabolism and mental health.

Initially, I wanted to train with Jen because I noticed her clients got amazing strength and weight loss results. I also admired how happy and healthy they all looked leading up to their comps.

I loved having the freedom to choose the foods I could consume and noticed results straight away. I felt leaner, stronger and healthier than I had ever felt before. 

Jen has helped me realise some fundamental truths about my life by, such as:

  • Connection: Everything in our bodies is interconnected.
  • Balance – between work, family, fitness and health takes time.
  • Be kind – Jen’s calm and caring demeanour is a constant reminder that it is ok to not get it right every single time. What is important is that you learn from your mistakes and try to be better/change tomorrow and to not be hard on yourself.
  • Find the love – reconnect with why you wanted to train, be healthy and nourish your body, mind and soul. I had to learn to balance my love of training, exercise and healthy eating with my new teaching career. 
  • Be Organised and Prepared – life throws so many challenges at you every single day. Planning when to train, preparing weekly meals and organising these things to suit your lifestyle will 100% help you to achieve your goals. Trying to short cut any of these only makes the process more difficult for yourself.
  • Reflect – regular meditation and written reflections/downloads will help to reduce stress, improve mental health and achieve my goals. 

Thanks forever Jen xxx







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