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This is Susie (gotta love her photo faces!), as per usual I’m sharing how we have achieved this result in order to educate, so you can ask yourself this question – are you approaching your fitness/body composition goals in a safe and sustainable way? When I met Susie in February this year she was 77kgs (left) and in August, 6 weeks before comp she was 64kgs (right). So all up that’s a total weight loss of 13kgs.

Between the first photo and the second photo there were no calories cut, in fact there was an INCREASE in calories. Over those four months of increased calories Susie dropped 6kgs of body-fat, whilst getting stronger in her weight training at the same time, and playing AFL.

The middle photo is where she started her comp prep in June, and that’s where the first ‘cut’ in calories started. That cut still had Susie eating about 2000 calories per day, which sustained her for another 8 weeks. So in the photo on the right she was 13kgs down and still hadn’t dropped under 2000 calories on a training day. She was lifting weights (still heavy), and now doing three HIIT sessions per week, which is the most cardio she did in her entire prep. Susie got onstage at 59kgs. I didn’t included a picture of her at that weight because the point of this post is to show a sustainable body-transformation, and that is where her calories went under what I would call a ‘sustainable amount’. Even then she was pretty lucky and having around 1600 calories, which is still more than what most women I meet are eating on an average day. Susie still maintained her strength levels, and the end result in this picture is definitely sustainable

In summary, for the every day woman, starving yourself or smashing out hours and hours of cardio won’t get you lean, it will create stress on your body and you risk sending it into distress. So many women have been there, exercising more and eating less, and not getting anywhere near their goals. Extra cardio needs to be supplemented with extra calories to prevent this from happening. Yes there are a few girls who could maintain a crazy exercise regime, but I would say that’s around 1 out of 10 girls that I meet (or maybe even less), and even then it would need to be continued in order for the results to stick. When your body is starved and cortisol levels are high it is difficult to maintain muscle mass and strength, and harder to lose body-fat. Always remember that calories are not your enemy, but more so to fuel your body that will get you to your goals whilst keeping you feeling healthy and happy at the same time.

Susie placed 1st in her division at ANB and 2nd in INBA, and will be onstage again in two weeks for ANB nationals in Sydney so watch this space!!


Jen 🙂






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