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Lately I’ve been asked alot about the alkaline diet/acidic foods etc. There is a lot of information on the web talking about its benefits and then an equal amount saying it’s total rubbish, so I thought I would address it here!

All foods no matter what they are, are either acid or alkaline forming once it reaches the digestive system. Your body will keep this balance in the blood naturally, from 7.35 to 7.45, below 7.35 being too acidic and above 7.45 being too alkaline; if either end of the scale is off-balance it is suggested by health practitioners that it could lead to disease.

Luckily for us the body has pretty good mechanisms in place to avoid either of the following from occurring but in looking further into the issue there is research to suggest that even a slight deviation upward or downward within that scale can be too much when you are talking about optimal health, as when its out of balance your body can’t digest minerals and nutrients properly. So if optimal health is something you are striving for then understanding the acid/alkaline balance of foods is a good thing to know.

Higher levels of stomach acid can make it easier for parasites, bad bacteria and yeast to thrive in the digestive tract, and when bad bacteria is able to thrive the balance between good/bad bacteria is also thrown out of balance. When this occurs it is not uncommon for symptoms such as allergies, bloating, low energy, muscular pain, hyperactivity and dizziness, or more advanced symptoms such as depression, hay-fever, hives, fungal/viral infections, hair loss, psoriasis, headaches, insomnia, asthma and brain fog to accompany it.

The key here is to balance your nutrition, and eat foods from both sides of the scale. Typically, acid forming foods include most animal proteins (meat and dairy), most cereals and grains, and all processed food. The more processed it is, the higher the acid formation when you digest it. The alkaline foods include most fruits and vegetables, nuts/seeds, and herbs/spices. Any fruit that is dried is considered acidic, as well as coffee, black tea and alcohol. So put simply, if your diet consists of packet foods and animal products, you are consuming almost all acid-forming foods. By including fresh vegetables and fruits you are already balancing it out.

I found it funny how much negative information I found especially considering its promoting healthy eating! Personally I think its important as I have seen first hand the improvements made in peoples’ physical and psychological wellbeing from eating a well-balanced diet






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