Most people start of weight training in order to achieve a bikini body. Most people don’t even think of the other benefits. So here are a few of my faves;

1/ You will strengthen your bones

Osteoporosis is a condition where your bones weaken over time. My grandma passed away from a broken hip at just 73, after years of muscle atrophy (wasting away of the muscles). I remember her being immobile for years before then. By resistance training – of any kind, even bodyweight exercises count – you are helping to reduce age-related bone loss. I have a client who is 57, has been lifting weights for 8 years, and last time she was tested she was told she has the bone density of a woman in her 30’s. So, it’s a fact

2/ It can lift your mood

Lifting weight strengthens your nervous system, and a stronger nervous system lifts your mood. I don’t have a scientific study to prove that one. but I do know it to be a fact. It also releases endorphins, which as most people know are happy hormones. Even just that feeling of pride and satisfaction associated with doing something that is for the betterment of your health and well being can contribute to an elevated mood and positive self-image

3/ It gives a sense of personal empowerment

I think this one is attributed to nervous system adaptation, but lifting weights genuinely make you feel good about yourself. The feeling you get when you gain strength, feel your body coming together structurally, find ease in everyday activities (ESPECIALLY as a woman) is priceless, and cannot be achieved through cardio activity alone (and I know this, as I have done both). Anyone who lifts weights will attest to this, its a feeling that cannot really be explained in words

4/ It will get you thinking about the food you are eating

When you get into weight training you start to feel better (as explained above), so the next thing that most people will tackle is their nutrition. Its natural for a body increasing in health and strength to start craving things that are good for you. Then if you really get into it, you can start learning about food quality, nutrient timing, macros, etc, and this will in turn improve on points 2 and 3

5/ You will have a faster metabolism, which means you can eat more

All girls love to eat, but we often restrict our eating because we are afraid of gaining fat. When you lift weights you build skeletal muscle, and this muscle is metabolically active, meaning it will require greater calories to maintain its size and shape. Whether you use this extra capacity to burn off body-fat, alter your body composition or merely enjoy eating more food, is up to you

6/ If you do it properly, it never gets boring

Jogging can get boring (or painful), staring at the bottom of the pool while you swim laps can get boring, group fitness is repetitive and all of these are results-limiting. When you learn how to lift properly, it will bring you ENDLESS benefits. Proper technique leads to better and faster results, which in turn leaves you feeling more satisfied (see points above). Compound lifts like Squats and Deadlifts can always be improved and the benefits will just keep on coming. The key to doing it ‘properly’ is to hire a professional, even if just to start you off in the right direction

7/ It has countless health benefits

These really are countless, so here are just a few; reduced blood pressure, lowered blood sugar, alleviation of autoimmune symptoms, imporoved sleep and sleep quality, improved cardiovascular health, mobility, circulation, flexibility, and an improved, much healthier body-composition.

So there you go, time to go lift some weights. You wont be disappointed!

Jen 🙂






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