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I thought I would share something a little different here, as I am currently up in Byron Bay working on my own healing. 

It is really easy to get lost in a sea of ‘spirituality’ in this modern day, with gurus everywhere and biohackers teaching us how to ‘overcome our biology’. 

I’ve been there, done that, and been down every rabbit hole, but at the end of the day, the only way to free yourself from your discomfort or dis-ease, is to change your perspective from one that believes that your genes dictate your health and reality, to one that suggests that the human body is powerful, and you have the power to overcome anything. 

Which is a scientific fact, by the way. 

The fastest path to health and healing is a slow one, it requires working through layers of conditioning until you reach the core, and only then will you be completely whole and free. 

So, on my journey, I learned of three philosophies that really landed for me, and steered me away from the new-age clutter and towards a truly liberating healing journey. They are each unique, but ultimately they say the same thing. 

1, You are a diamond stuck in black muck

I learned this one from my homoeopath. Imagine you have a glass, and this glass is full of black muck. Underneath the muck, is a diamond. That diamond can only be revealed if you search through the muck, and the muck is ultimately your ‘stuff’. Your beliefs, huts, pains, conditionings, unhelpful habits and behaviours. 

As you work through each of these layers, the black liquid becomes lighter, and you start to reveal the diamond (your authentic self) underneath. 

  1. It takes 7 years to make a Shaman 

I have always resonated with the concept of a shaman, but did you know it takes 7 years to make one? 

A shaman is the medicine man of the tribe, whose job is to keep everyone healthy, happy, and connected. If someone shows signs of disease, the Shaman will identify the root cause – whether emotional, spiritual, psychological, or physical, and clear that person’s system back to wholeness and health. 

If the shaman tries to do this, but has not worked on his own ‘stuff’, he cannot be a clear vessel or receive a clear message around what this person needs in order to heal. The message will come through, but it will become entangled with the Shamans. 

So a shaman goes through the process of clearing their own trauma, so they can be a clear vessel and transfer healthy messages without attachment or projection from their own field. 

And don’t be fooled by a new-age Shaman who just likes to call themselves one. A real Shaman has undertaken a harrowing journey to become an effective healer. 

  1. Be like bamboo 

I went to a presentation by Eckart Tolle (author of A New Earth, and The Power of Now), and his wife took a yoga class prior to the presentation. Her energy was jaw dropping to me – light, free, almost like a ghost. She was there, and she was powerful, but she was also ‘not there’. 

Kim Eng suggests we need to be like bamboo, which is hollow, and light. She spoke about how we accumulate energy throughout our lives that isn’t properly metabolised, and how it becomes ‘stuck’ within our bodies. It makes us heavy, unhealthy and reactive. 

With all that energy stuck in the body, new life experiences bounce off it, making us confused and tired, not knowing what is ‘ours’ and what is other peoples. So to feel whole, we work through the stuck energy, and become hollow, so that we can be a clear channel for our own lifeforce without any interruption. 

So, three philosophies, all saying the same thing. Free your stuck energy, and you yourself will become free






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