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Naturopathy is both an art and science, and aims to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  In short, I assess the presenting symptoms, and dig deep for the underlying cause. Naturopathy is a joint-effort, and you will need to be open to making some changes where required. With each consultation we will work deeper into the symptoms, and where needed use functional testing, nutritional medicine, supplementation, herbs, flower essences, or lifestyle recommendations, to get you back to your vibrant self!

Together we can harness the bodies’ natural healing capacity and partner with it, fuelling the body to rebalance itself. My primary focus is mental and emotional wellbeing, stress fatigue, gut health, and hormones. For all other conditions I can provide amazing recommendations! If youre unsure where your symptoms come in, and would like to work with me, send me an email and I can make recommendations from there.



  • Extensive review of health history and current symptoms, prior to appointment
  • Consultation in person or via Skype
  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations
  • Herbs, supplements, and flower essences prescribed where required
  • Functional testing where required
  • 7-day follow-up over email
  • Initial sessions are 77-minutes, follow-ups are 60-minutes.
  • Areas I specialize in include gut health, mental health, hormones, fertility, and fatigue. I can provide amazing referrals for all other instances!


  • $189 for initial session, $149 for follow-up sessions



  • Extensive review of current eating patterns
  • Meal plan or macro split, tailored to your specific health condition
  • Micronutrient focus, to increase nutritional status
  • 30-minute consultation, via Skype or in person
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 14-day follow-up check-in, and any required adjustments


  • $299



  • Extensive review of health history, current symptoms, and eating patterns prior to appointment
  • Meal plan or macro split, tailored to your specific health condition
  • Supplement and cardio recommendations
  • Monthly 60-minute Skype or face-to–face naturopathic consultation, with detailed investigation into anything that may be haltering progress
  • Online weekly check-ins, and 24/7 email support


  • $169/fortnight, or $339/month. There is a $299 start-up fee, to cover the initial consultation and meal plan, and a two-week trial period to ensure we are a great fit!
  • 12 weeks upfront – $1079, 16 weeks upfront – $1399 (5% discount)


Uncover & conquer your limiting beliefs! Do you every feel like youre at war with yourself when youre trying to conquer your goals? For example, you mind might want to get fit and healthy, but there is another part of you that battles all the way, often preventing you from making it to the end altogether. We see this pattern in self-sabotage, laziness, holding back, self-doubt, anxiety, and thats just to start.

When we are young we are like sponges, taking on the beliefs of those we trust the most, but oftentimes, those beliefs dont suit our individual goals when we grow up. Sometimes, this means we miss out on fulfilling our dreams, or achieving our goals. Thats where these sessions come in! We work together to uncover the underlying belief, or subconscious block, and using a process called PSYCH-K, we create a pattern that works in your favour.



  • Extensive review of goals and mental ‘blocks’
  • Action plan discussion, to begin building neural networks
  • Initial session is 90-minutes. Follow-up sessions are 75-minutes.
  • 7-day follow-up over email


  • $189 for initial session, $149 for each session following

When trying to reprogram your subconscious on bigger issues, or when working towards bigger goals, there are most often layers that you need to work through. As you uncover one layer, you free up a part of and this makes way for a new layer to appear. Purchasing a multi-pack of sessions will save you money, but also put you on a more focussed path. With the purchase of a multi-pack, you will also receive coaching on how to identify, and uncover, theses blocks, and we will use the sessions to re-program them

3 Session Pack

PRICING: $459 (5% discount),

to be used within 4 months

6 Session Pack

PRICING: $839 (10% discount),

to be used within 8 months

9 Session Pack

PRICING: $1159 (15% discount),

to be used within 12 months

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