Embrace Your Body, Even if it Takes you a Lifetime to get There

Embrace Your Body, Even if it Takes you a Lifetime to get There

Although its been a long time coming, I have finally learned to embrace my body and its feminine characteristics, after spending so many of my younger years trying to ‘get rid’ of them. I used to consider curves to be annoying and there was a time where I would have done ANYTHING, no matter how unhealthy, to achieve the ‘perfect’ physique.

After a long struggle getting my body healthy again I learned a very valuable lesson – that ‘perfection’ doesn’t exist and nothing feels (or looks) better than optimal health. Being skinnier doesn’t make you happier and ‘aesthetics’ don’t matter if your obsession with it impacts your life negatively. We are not all meant to be super-lean. Health comes first and it looks different on everyone. Strength and personal power are reflected in what you do, not what you look like and you’re success comes from embracing everything about yourself wholeheartedly, not from rejecting it

Sometimes as a woman you have to separate yourself from societies insane beauty standards and honor your own individual journey to become the happiest and healthiest version of you 💜


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