Notes on Self Love

Notes on Self Love

‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’ – Oscar Wilde

Self-love is pretty new concept, but one that is gaining ground very quickly of late. Even modern science suggests strong links between self love and physical/emotional wellbeing. What is self-love? It’s acceptance of who you are, and every little thing that you bring into this world.

The most interesting thing I experience when working in the health/fitness industry with women every day is how they perceive their own bodies. Each woman looks at the others and tells me how beautiful they are; how they envy their shape, muscularity, height, hair, legs, abs, etc, but the funny thing is, the women they are talking about are saying the same thing about them, and each one not listening to the kind words that are being expressed to them

It is hard to develop or maintain a healthy body image in a world that has so much exposure to media which is DESIGNED to make you feel inadequate, even I struggle with it at times, and I struggled with it A LOT in the past, and it’s astounding to see how many women approach their health and fitness journey in an attempt to look like someone else. But consider this – if we all looked the same would it still be considered beautiful?? Or would it then become plain and boring?

It’s just like the beauty industry, flooded with images of the ‘perfect’ body. But who defines what is perfect?? Wouldn’t ‘perfection’ be when you reach that point where you embrace your own body just as it is? From going through this journey myself i would say that self-acceptance is the closest you will ever get to feeling ‘perfect’.

If you struggle with your own body image do yourself a favour and change the way you look at yourself. It DOES NOT happen overnight, but if you can learn to embrace the things that make you different from the women around you, no matter what they are, it will bring you closer and closer to liberating yourself from negative self image!


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